Sunday, January 13, 2008

Renewing my vows...

This was originally posted on August 1, 2007, over at this blog's original home, "Revenge of the Scribes" went up in January 2007, and then I ignored the blog for a shameful seven months. Of course, I didn't exactly stick with the vows I made in this post, either...

Okay. So I've been a little remiss in my blogging duties. A lot remiss, really - 7+ months worth of remiss. But baby, I'm here to tell you I can change. And I really mean it, this time... From now on I'm putting 100% honest commitment into this relationship.

I can't take you all to Vegas with me for a vow-renewal ceremony, but I can make a few concrete promises.

1) From now on, I'll be doing one of my main, themed entries each month. Maybe even twice a month, if the urge strikes me. Coming down the pipe - the new generation of New York City rom-coms, and an ode to wedding movies, in honour of the various nuptials I attended in July.

(Yeah, that's my excuse for July - the excuse for February through June is a sob story about how I changed jobs no less than five times, including stints shoveling snow, and slicing smoked meat and kosher dill pickles at 6am. YOU try blogging when you've been asking people if they want swiss or cheddar on their breakfast bagel all morning.)

2) I'm introducing a new feature, mostly aimed at making me feel like I'm writing lots when in reality I am writing very little. I call it the Screening Log (thanks, and basically it means that when I see a chick flick, particularly if it's new in theaters, I'll post a quick mini-review, rather than waiting to write a full theme piece about it. So you'll know whether or not it's worth your twelve bucks...

Ooh this is so exciting. It's like my very own re-design, without the re-design. Let me know what you think!

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